Michelle Obama Needs You!

Michelle Obama

Women of Oprah country unite!  There is a sister down!  I repeat, Sister down!  It’s being reported that Michelle Obama won’t be getting paid for being First Lady.  I guess since she’s the First Lady and the First African American Lady, I’d like to see her paid for her work.  None of the First Ladies have ever been paid, but in my humble opinion, that’s a male chauvinist rule that should die.  That way of thinking is from a time when the Presidential wives were identified mainly as hostess.  The job of the First Lady has historically been consistent with her husband’s administration and the needs of the period.  With the economic plight of the U.S., Michelle Obama could be wearing many hats in a country riddled with economic hardship, war, rising poverty and homelessness. 

According to the White House, Sara Polk was a confidante to her husband James Polk and regularly, but “privately” helped with advisement and speeches.   Abigail Adams was so politically active, she was often referred to as “Mrs. President.”  Rosallyn Carter was also active by attending Cabinet meetings, major briefings and at some ceremonies representing her husband in his absence.  She also “served as the President’s personal emissary to Latin American countries.”

Laura Bush is about the only first wife in recent administrations that had not held a job just before entering the White House.   You’ll be surprised to learn that Michelle was bringing home more of the bacon before her husband got the job that made her the First Lady.  According to the report from Politico, she was bringing home “316,000” as opposed to Barack’s measly “$165,000” as senator and of course his little book deal with undisclosed amounts of money, but we’re not talking about that right now.  We’re talking about the gifted Michelle Obama whose intellect and superior legal sense makes her a shoe-in for the first First Lady to receive compensation for what is sure to be an unparallelled contribution to the focus of our new administration. 

Venus joined with Billie Jean King and a federation of women tennis players to get equal compensation and/or winnings for their tournaments and after many years of fighting, they’ve won.  We can do the same for Michelle!  Abigail Adams was a true sister at heart.  She was First Lady to the second President, John Adams, and mother of the sixth President, John Quincy Adams.  She, in her active role in politics as well as in her home was an enemy of slavery and fought for women’s interests.  Her poignant words on the issue of women’s rights in a letter to her husband and the Continental Congress is a perfect note to begin our crusade:

…remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation.”

Read this report while you take off your earrings, put on your sneakers and grab your Vaseline.  We have butt to kick and names to take.

 -J.C. Brooks

39 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Needs You!”

  1. $316,000? What does she do? Sounds to me like Michelle needs to keep that job and let Barack handle the white house by himself. The government needs to pay her that much to keep her husband sane after fixing the mess Bush made. Yes I feel First Ladies need a salary too.

  2. Don’t put nobody else on the public payroll. Them people all get free room and board, transportation, tuition and healthcare for the family etc, etc. Not another penny on my dime. Let her be a consultant and charge fees for her speaking engagements guest appearances, books she gonna write etc.

  3. I think Michelle Obama deserves a paycheck she is a New Age first Lady. I know nobody wants to pay more taxes but we spend them on a whole lot less than what she is going to get. I think since Michelle was a Lawyer going into the White House making money and has a law degree that she should receive a paycheck like any other White House employee. Michelle’s chosen path was to practice Law, However she married a man who became President and she decided to STAND by her man, she should be compensated for her WORKS she will be doing with expertise. The Women of the world have been discriminated against long enough and who better to change the trend than with the “FIRST LADY”? the 20th Century must bring major CHANGE, the OBAMA’S are the key. What ever her compensations may be for being First Lady and representing the Country her PAYCHECK should reflect a JOB WELL DONE. Just like everbody else wants to be Compensated for what they do I think a Paycheck says it best!

  4. I don’t know where you get your information but Laura Bush certainly did have a profession before becoming First Lady. She has been a teacher and librarian and then became the classiest First Lady in a very long time. She should be a real role model for Michelle Obama and Michelle can only hope to measure up to Laura. We didn’t elect Michelle Obama and we didn’t have any advance information that she would like a salary for the job. Well, WE DIDN’T HIRE HER for any position. Maybe if that information had been out in the public “ear” we would have a different President-elect. Who knows?

  5. Wow! An OBAMA HATER has reared its ugly head. First of all, it’s true that laura had no job! She hadn’t been in the classroom for years before the white house. She will tell you that herself. Check with the white house! don’t diss because you obviously don’t know enough about the people you support. Can’t we all just get along!?!?!?! It looks like obama’s biggest job is getting folks like you to


  7. we better help our President… hes gonna need it…

    But neither should get paid….they will be making more than 20 mil a year soon…not to mention they pay nothing and can have anything they want these next 8 years

    yes 8…

    btw…Obama has no clue what hes getting into….this isnt cook county politics…he was never a politician…which should be good…just hope we all help him succeed

  8. In times of America pretty much being broke, citizens not being able to pay for christmas, and then give Michelle a check? I ask for what…volunteer work? I thought Obama would be a good president but even discussing this in a time of crisis is is just rediculous. She gets anything she wants for free, so why take out of the little money I have to pay for her volunteer work.

  9. Why should Michelle Obama be the first First Lady to receive a paycheck? Because she’s black? Because she practiced law? give me a break. All First Ladies have worked in the White House. If you want to argue the office or position of First Lady, thats one thing. But to say that one individual deserves it more than another before she’s even done anything is bogus. Let her keep her job at the hospital where she got to push people out of beds who they thought couldn’t pay their bills.
    It’s ludicrous to say that Obama was never a politician, he is the quintessential politician from one of the most corrupt states in the country! And it’s not like the Obama’s are millionaires, they dont need any more taxpayer money.


  11. This is Insane. PAY the First Lady? More gov’t waste! It is a privilege to be First Lady. People make Choices … she wanted to be married to the President of the United States. Spouses make choices and give things up all the time for their other half. I DID NOT vote for Michelle Obama – no one did.

  12. It’s an honor to be the first lady. You dumb it down. She knew what she was getting into when she was supporting ‘her man.’ If you feel so sorry for her, then maybe you should have realized this before you voted.

    If Hillary had won the nomination, your argument would be totally blown out of the water, because Bill wouldn’t be paid as the first man.

    Michelle Obama is the last ‘sista’ that needs help. I bet neither her nor Oprah Winfrey give a damn about you.

  13. The position is about sacrifice. If you arent willing to sacrifice for the country, you shouldnt be in charge. They(politicians) get paid too much as it is anyway, their needs should be met with a little spending money, but not the overblown paychecks they currently recieve, and certainly not the 1st lady who doesnt even have an official job description.

  14. First of all, in this day and age, First Ladies do not ‘do nothing.’ Secondly, this is a highly educated, professional woman who has to give up her career (maybe that’s what we should be changing instead) and instead will be serving her country – yes, she absolutely deserves compensation.
    And to those who state that the First Family gets everything for free, that is incorrect. They must pay for all their personal expenses – food, clothes, gifts, etc. The only food that they do not pay for is for entertaining related to the job of the president.

  15. Wow, what a moron you are. This is a perfect example of an Obama voter. Expects someone to get paid for doing nothing.

  16. Look, her husband was “hired” not her. She has decided to come along for the ride. If my husband got a job in another state, and I moved us and the kids with him, do you think his new employer would pay me too? No, didn’t think so.

  17. I don’t hink that she should get paid. Obama was elected for president, not her. This is a case of the masses or a group looking for handouts.

  18. I’m confused. Where or what article is it stated that Michelle has said that she should get paid as first lady? Or is this someone else speaking their mind that first ladies should get paid? I’d like to see the evidence before I make an opinion. Especially, if it ends up something that Michelle didn’t say, herself.

  19. PAYCHECK? I think NOT
    Michelle should put her money where her mouth is
    and show example by her leadership in

  20. Why do we need to give her a paycheck? I thought you democrats wanted to help out other people, not yourselves? Sounds pretty selfish to me since the country is going through a depression and shes asking for more money. She will be living pretty free for awhile. Sounds to me like she needs to shut her trap and support America and the people instead of supporting herself. What do you think is gonna happen when all you people with out jobs are going to be running to Michelle for money? She will have a fundraiser or raise our taxes and make other Americans pay you. I know she wont pay you, because she is a selfish witch.

  21. I don’t think anyone in politics should get paid. They get treated very well and don’t pay for anything. And if money comes out of their pockets, it comes from campaign funds.

  22. Michelle is a millionaire and does not need your or my money. Any good deed she accomplishes should be self-gratifying and allow her to sleep better at night. Remember that this lady is only proud of the United States government because her husband is in office. Do you really want to treat this person as an unelected official?

  23. She made $316k a year due to THIEVERY Obama pulled-off. He got PORK for her employer and they CONVENIENTLY give the Bitty a raise (from the 100s to the 300ks). ; ) I bet Obama called and said: “hey if I get you guys a huge grant, will you pay my wife double”? (how things REALLY WORK in Washington).

  24. The idea of giving anyone a salary for being “first spouse,” essentially being married to an elected official is ridiculous.

    If the honor of being First Lady and make a part of American history with her years in the White ahouse is not enough for Michelle Obama, she is welcome to stay out of the Whtie House. No one elected her. She got not one vote. We can get along fine without her.

  25. I think it is a shame to even think of paying a First Lady! It ‘should’ be an honor to be there. Laura would not have ever thought of something like that. You are so right , it’s a new age,,,,,,and a sad one at that. Don’t blame Pres Bush ,,, look at the congress and until they are out of there ,, just more crooked crap like it’s been for the last 2 years. Now that the Chicago thug is there they can really work us over!!!!
    Going to be a long 4 years!

  26. I want what some of you folks are smoking. Giving Michelle a salary has to be the most idiotic idea ever. Maybe this was the change the campaign was talking about, but I am sure most of the millions of unemployed Americans would say WTF! All you Obamabots need to go back to reading Perez Hilton and DKos.

  27. What you are saying is completely racist. She should get paid since she’s the First Lady and the First African American Lady, I’d like to see her paid for her work, your words not mine. What if a white person were to say that they should be paid well because their white. That would be all over CNN with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton running to the scene.

  28. Any first lady with half a brain should realize that they are set for life. They don’t need a salary. If Michelle gets a salary, then all the surviving first ladies should get reparations.

    I suppose “serving the country” is a phrase lost on Chicago politicians.

  29. I can not even fathom that Mechelle Obama would ask for a paycheck!! First of all, the country voted for him because he was black and not based on any experience what so ever! I am a Democrat and I voted for McCain as he at least has alot of political experience. Who does she think she is? I guess because she is black she thinks she deserves a paycheck. What about all of the First Ladies before her? Did they ask for a paycheck. Hell NO!! We as Americans should protest! Here we are suffering with the economy and unemployment and this BIOTCH wants us to pay her too! FOR WHAT? As if they don’t get enough compensation with him in office now. I am totally disgusted! Look out America, we are in for the ride of our lives. OBAMA spells “terrorist”!!

  30. Has anyone read her Thesis? Totally racist!!! I am so disgusted at the fact that America chose him based on race. If he were white he would not be in office. Let’s face it, he has a pretty face and his skin is the right color for the folks who know NOTHING about politics!!! Blacks who have NEVER voted came out of the woodwork to vote for him just because he is BLACK!! Never mind that he is a Muslim and his whole life along with his wife has been a racist endeavor! No she should not get paid! let her go back to Chicago and take her old job back. No one voted for her! By the way, has Oprah ever stood behind another president in all these years she has been in the public eye? NO!! She is one of those who based her decision on skin color. I always said she was a racist!

  31. where was this article years ago when barbara bush or former president carter and raegans wives? all of a sudden michelle obama is the first AFRICAN AMERICAN first lady and now they need to give her a salary…rediculous! why not come up with some good examples of why she deserves a salary first.

  32. What a joke, you got what you asked for with that one. What a waste of hosting space.

  33. You are way off on this. If you want first lady to be paid – then she should run for first lady too. You speak of chauvisnism in the article…yet you want a woman to be handed a position simply because her husband got elected??

  34. I think that the very idea of paying the ‘First Lady’ is ridiculous to the extreme. As stated before, she wasn’t elected to office, her husband was. She is not forced to join her husband in Washington; she can opt to stay in Chicago and continue to make her 300K plus salary. I for one won’t miss her. I find it incredible that while Obama is asking Americans to volunteer and pitch in to help the country, his spouse is actually asking for a pay check. Does anyone remember when President Kennedy gave his inaugural speech and said, “Ask not what you country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”? He never drew a salary the entire time he was in the White House. Say what you want to about Kennedy, at least he was no hypocrite!

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