Mexico Gone Wild


 The Mexican authorities really have something on their hands with the feuding drug cartels in Mexico.  The number of people being slayed and beheaded over there sounds like something out of the movies.  MSNBC reports that the escalating violence is a result of an internal split of one gang from the controlling gang.  It appears they split off from the gang to establish their own territories.  The numbers reported are approximately 5,376 killings.  The U.S. names a murder capital every year by the amount of killings which normally amount to approximately 400.  By any standard, Mexico is having a war, not crime.  Another disturbing element of this report is the United States’ involvement in funding their police force.  The government is saying that it is even more convinced of Mexico’s ability to control it’s drug cartels.  Is Bush’s dyslexia kicking up again?  Sounds a little backwards to me.  Read here to see if you will have to plan your Mexican getaway in Florida.

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