Is the World Ready for “Whores ‘R Us?”


 The spiraling downturn of our economy has made its way into every back street and alley-way all over the world.   The latest “market” to take a hit is prostitution.  One might be mistaken in thinking that this is simply the local pimp’s problem, but it’s much more far reaching.  Across the ocean, Europe is ready to plea for the legalization of the industry so they can begin to rebuild and/or buffer those that are experiencing severe losses.  Their “ladies of the night” have taken “hamburger” money for their bodies just so they can make something.  There was a time when the cities were flooded with “patrons” and now they can’t “afford” to break up their happy homes to cheat on their wives. 

The prostitution industry throughout Europe had been lucrative for many, many years; attracting men from across the world to have the ultimate bachelor party.  But now, with hotels losing revenue, airline rates going up, and some places retaining prostitution popularity, the industry is being crunched.  So now it appears that they feel the only way they can survive, since prostitution is such an intricate sector of their economy, is to submit to discretionary fiscal policy and unionize themselves.  The International Herald Tribune, the foreign arm of the New York Times, reports that it’s quite possible they will be “passing legislation by the end of this year that would require the Czech Republic’s estimated 10,000 prostitutes to register with the local authorities.”  They would have “identification cards” as well.  One example the report gives to reveal how ramped the industry is in Europe, is one area has had to open an orphanage just to hold all the unwanted babies from the escapades between prostitutes and their johns.

The underworld may just have to decline permanently or become a part of mainstream franchises.  I recently reported to you about “the heroine program” in Switzerland.  They have legalized heroine there as long as you’re in “The Heroine Program.”  Will the U.S. be next to decriminalize drugs and prostitution on a wide scale?  Naaaaaahhh!!  Read here to see if your nearest “Whores ‘R Us” will also offer coupons and frequent flyer miles.

3 thoughts on “Is the World Ready for “Whores ‘R Us?””

  1. Well lets see legal and governed prostitution verses illegal prostitution.
    We know who the prostitutes are
    We know they are disease free (license)
    We know where the acts are being done
    The government will know how well the industry pays
    Wives will know who the dirty old men are (its public)
    Lets let the girls decide, I say legalize.

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