Beyonce Is So Elle


 The Beyonce faucet is turned all the way on.  She’s been on SNL, Oprah, the Today show performing and the list goes on.  She is trying to publicize her album, but also for the first time she’s “coming out,” if you will, about Jay-Z.  They were wed and they spent a lot of time trying to deny rumors that any such nuptials took place.  But now, on the heels of the release of her new album, all of her alter ego is coming out and letting us know the real 411 on her personal life.  Look for her in Elle Magazine. She graces the cover of their January issue.  Read the story here and let us know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Beyonce Is So Elle”

  1. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent article on Beyonce. One of the best I’ve read, especially recently. The story gave more information on her and her wonderful mother, tidbits on her and the outstandingly talented Jay-Z and overall more substantial information on her and the wonderful people in her life. A lot of the day to day episodes in her life. I really enjoyed the article as I am one of the biggest fans/supporters of Ms. Carter. I am 49yoa; more of the Whitney Houston era, but I love, respect and completely admire Beyonce. She is a loving, caring individual, very respectful-especially to her fans and just a true “Gem” in the entertainment world. I will continue to pray God’s Blessings on her, her husband and family for she is, in my humble opinion, the epitome of an Outstanding American, a gracious woman, professional entertainer and overall child of God in the ways she exhibits the ‘fruits of the spirit’ in her giving, loving ways and exemplary personality as a human being. Long live Beyonce, Jay-Z and the Knowles family. Much love also and forever to her parents for all they did to mold and shape our wonderful Beyonce. Thank you Elle for the story and the opportunity to share my thoughts. Beverly L./ Miami, FL

  2. Enough already. I am so tired of them! Beyonce, Sasha and Jay-Z and sometimes Solange

  3. she is a good entertainer. she was groomed well. her acting needs more polishing because she seems too stiff but I guess she’s still learning.

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