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Tru Ace 

What’s up y’all! 

I had the opportunity to sit back and dish the dirt with one of hip hop’s most prolific young rappers.  The handsome 19-year old lyrical genius goes by the name of Tru Ace.  And while he may not be popular with us folk out on the East Coast or even in the Midwest, that is about to change.  With his debut CD expected to hit stores in mid-2009, his single “To Da Roof” is already catching the attention of teens and young adults throughout the Bay Area. 

Many of you may wonder what makes Tru Ace different from the likes of Soulja Boy Tell’em and Bow Wow, but after speaking with him, I found that not only is he hella talented, the boy is bright and socially conscious.  Unlike many of his rap counterparts, he writes his own lyrics, believes in getting a quality education, and giving back to his community.   He is a freshman at California State University Northridge majoring in Business Law.  He also donates his time to Friday Night Live, an organization geared towards teens and young adults that promote healthy lifestyles free of alcohol and drugs.  Tru Ace is the younger brother of Skee Lo, the Grammy nominated rapper from the 90’s known for his hit “I Wish”.   He has always been around the music business and has a love for performing and “putting smiles on people’s faces.”  Although his CD isn’t slated to come out until mid 2009, Tru Ace has already completed 14 songs for the untitled release.   

When I got the CD info out of the way, I felt that it was time to “Dish the Dirt” but I came up with NOTHING!!  He is squeaky clean!  That said…you may want to run out and purchase his CD for the youngsta’s in your life.  The young dude puts me in the mind of Will Smith back in his “Fresh Prince” days and if that is any indication of where his career is headed, I’m just glad that I got the opportunity to interview “Mr. Ace” prior to him “blowing up” and going all “Hollywood.”  Y’all know how folks get when they get a lil’ notoriety and a lil’ change in their pockets.  Seriously, I would be surprised if he goes “Hollywood.”  The young man seems to be grounded and very humble.  Check out an excerpt from the interview.  I even added all the foo foo questions for the teens…that I’m sure will have a crush on him just as soon as the CD hits stores…

Sony: Tru Ace you are the next big teen sensation…I’m claiming that for you by the way…but what makes you different from other teen rappers?  What makes you more special than Bow Wow or Soulja Boy?

Tru Ace: I think all the young artists are special in all different ways.  Between all the songs that I’m doing, it’s just so much fun in the songs and they hit hard and they are club bangers and they are fun songs and they apply to any situation.  No matter what mood a person is in, they will want to listen to the music.  By the way all the music that I’m doing is profanity free.  There is no profanity in any of the songs.  I don’t curse in my everyday life, so I feel like I don’t have to curse in my music. 

Sony:  I noticed you said that you don’t use profanity in your rap lyrics and I think that is awesome.  Do you feel that not using profanity requires more skill?

True Ace: Since I don’t use profanity in my everyday life, it’s not that hard for me to write a song without any profanity in it.  Everybody in the music business expresses themselves in different ways, but I just feel that it is easier for me to express myself without it because I don’t use it.  It would be harder for me to try to put a curse word in the song. 

Sony: Was it hard to get a deal when you first stepped out there and decided that you wanted to rap?

True Ace: Well I mean, of course.  I think everybody has to get on the grind in the beginning.  Everybody has their own little struggles in their own right.  But when people started hearing my music, people started going crazy and I just started enjoying it.  I have fun.  Through everything I have been doing in the music business, I have had so much fun.  I’ve met so many different people in the industry and I’m just enjoying everything from the fans to everybody.

Sony: Do you live at home with your parents?

Tru Ace: Nah, I don’t live at home with my parents.  (However, he checks in with his parents and his manager everyday.)

Sony: What’s your favorite color?

Tru Ace: My favorite color…ummmmm…I would say green.

Sony: What is your favorite article of clothing?

Tru Ace: I would say my shoes and my caps because I have so many shoes and caps.

Sony: What can’t you live without? 

Tru Ace: I would have to say music.  I couldn’t imagine my life without music.

Sony: How many girlfriends do you have?

Tru Ace: Right now, I am single.  I’m just focused.  Between being busy taking care of all this stuff with the music business and the different youth organizations and even making sure that I am on point in school, I’m focused.  I’m on the Dean’s list in college and I try to make sure that I am a good role model in every aspect of my life.  I mean, if I get a girlfriend that would be a blessing, but right now I’m so focused.  If it happens it happens. 

Sony: What is the first thing you notice about a young lady when you see her?  What attracts you to her?

Tru Ace:  Her smile and then her personality in general.  When I’m talking to her she has got to have a head on her shoulders.  If I am focused I want to make sure that somebody I’m talking to is focused also. 

Side Bar: Ladies…NO DUMMIES ALLOWED!  Nuff said…

Sony: What do you want the world to know about Tru Ace?

Tru Ace: Hopefully everybody is ready for the whole Tru Ace experience.  I’m having so much fun in the music industry.  It’s a blessing to be in the industry.  Seeing my older brother go through everything he went through, it’s fun to be in the industry now myself.  I want everybody to know that it’s a blessing to have an older brother that’s in the business, but I have to grind just as hard as everybody else.

If you want to holla at Tru Ace or just listen to his music, you can hit him up on his MySpace page.

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4 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt with Tru Ace…”

  1. I applaud this young man. It is rare you find teens who have concrete developed standards.

  2. I noticed Tru Ace fdrom a UN anti drug poster and wanted to see who this poor child was.Does he know that narcanon is run by the scientoligists? Thats a cult.Has he ever heard of John Taylor Gatto and his book The Underground History Of American Education,or Charlotte Iserbyt’s book The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America ? These are both fine educators,one NYC’s teacher of the year 3 times ,and the other a former Dept Of Education advisor, and their books are online freely available for anyone who wants to see what the educational system is really about.It’s a shame this young man is being used to promote the Scientolofy cult,and foolishly leading the children to a dumbed down education.It is also sad that he is helping the UN who has admitted that they allowed lausered drug money to “save”the economy.Damn! Look around and see how the drug money being laundered in International banks saved the economy? I feel bad for Tru Ace being used as a tool.If you want to help black youth look at John Taylor Gatto’s record.JT Gatto graduated some fantastically successful students from NYC schools and was told that they don’t want _those_children to be successful,so John Taylor Gatto wrote a book exposing the Dumb Down schools this Tru Ace is promoting.It’s a shame.

  3. lets keep it simple tru-ace is here 4 the kids stop hating he is a christian young man and would never be involved in that please check his stats

  4. its a sham how people hate on young kids doing positive things TRU-ACE IS CHRISTIAN. set the records straight ang please support tru-ace.

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