Is All Fair In Love and War?


 Are you one of those people who can get mad, have a fight with your significant other, then have wild enthusiastic sex with them?  Do you feel that while you enjoy this unusual cycle, there might be something wrong with it?  I’ve heard of some interesting ways to get the fires burning (and maybe that’s your way of doing it) but I’ve never heard of someone being turned on by gunplay during sex. 

Well, if you haven’t either, there seems to be a fine line between aggravated assault and sex these days.  One man out of Ohio is now claiming that he was reaching for something on the nightstand during sex with his estranged wife when he mistakenly shot her inthe chest.  Now!  What is it you could possibly need off of the nightstand during sex other than maybe a condom?  A drink of water?  The TV guide?  Some handcuffs?  Or in this case a loaded handgun.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a gun is one of the items that need to be on the nightstand during sex.  Maybe it’s a really bad neighborhood?  Get the details here because I’m tired of trying to make this make sense.

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