Is Your Dog A Pianist?

What if I told you I knew an elephant that is an artist?  Well, please don’t say something like “When pigs fly?” because you really never can say “Never!”  The day is upon us when the animals of the Earth are able to communicate with us through their art.  Ok, ok,  I know you’re saying, “Where is this going?  This is dumb!” But, what you are getting ready to see is the most intriguing, engaging, miraculous feat you have ever witnessed an animal perform.  Well, let me speak for myself.  Maybe you guys have singing dogs, sax playing pigeons, and/or cats that are interior decorators.  If so, this will not amaze you as it did me.   Prepare to be amazed.  You’ll never look at World’s Funniest Videos: World’s Funniest Animals again:

Elephant Artist

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