Atrocities Against “Witch” Children?

The abominable treatment of children all over the world seems to be on the rise.  Or is it that we are privy to its existence via the “information age” we live in?  Because it appears that people have had stories to tell for years, but a lot of them have not had the access or the opportunity to tell it.  But now, with YouTube, media outlets of every sort (radio, print, and online) the information is upon us whether we like it or not.  A lot of this information is so disturbing we have imprisoned ourselves to avoid being victims.  But some cannot avoid being victims because they are defenseless children.

In this instance, the children in Nigeria are subject to another sort of imprisonment.  The imprisonment of ignorance has taken hold of christian communities there via their belief.  The children and some adults are being subjected to modern day “witch hunts.”  A “bishop” has convinced the people that satan and/or witches reside inside certain adults and children.  In the documentary “African Witch Children”, the narrator shows and tells the stories of children being tortured and killed to rid the area of its poverty and sickness.  They should’ve started with the “bishop.”  

Warning!  You may find this documentary extremely upsetting.  There is some graphic scenes as well:

Documentary "Africa's Witch Children" Part 1

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