Texas’ Mental Health Stuck In Time Warp


At the turn of the 20th century, people would have a mentally handicapped person in their family and either take care of that member or they would disappear and their life would be taboo to bring up.  The places they were banished to were referred to as insane asylums or state mental hospitals.  These places practiced primitive treatment which included electric shock therapy.

The mental health industry throughout America is made up of small group homes.  But in Texas, the clock has stopped and the state mental hospitals of old are still quite primitive, but functioning.  The residents of these hospitals are dying at an alarming rate.  They have lost approximately 500 residents to incidents behind the walls of these institutions and MSNBC reports that “in Texas government entities are all but immune from lawsuits.”  You will see and read about one woman’s struggle to sue an institution that employed an attendant that left her son unable to walk, feed himself, or go to the bathroom. 

What kind of society are we living in when these kinds of facilities are slipping through the cracks?  Are these the programs that Obama says needs a “scalpel” to review in order to know if they should be cut or retained?  This is no new dilemma in Texas.  Matter of fact, wasn’t the governor at one time, ummmm, Bush!  I won’t even go into the mental health joke that is so obvious here.  Just read the story to see how Bush’s family kept him out of the system.

One thought on “Texas’ Mental Health Stuck In Time Warp”

  1. How can you tell that Texass’ mental health is stuck in a time war? For years, I’ve been saying there is something not right in the heads of those racists, evil, blood-thirsty, mean-spirited saltine crackers always bragging about Texass and their guns!

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