Grits Weapon Loses to Sweet Potato Pie


Now, we don’t mean to racially profile here, but black folks are normally hurling food –and hot food– during some pretty historical domestic disputes. We just wanna know when we, as a people, will rise above the primitive use of hot food as weaponry. While the whole world has had decades of humor from Al Green’s mistakes, I’m just going to go out on a limb here and bet that the reaction will not be similar when you learn that it is a woman on the receiving end.

On Thanksgiving, things got pretty lethal around the house when a man came home and demanded a meal and didn’t appreciate what the cook had made. A heated dispute erupts and BAM! she catches her own fresh out the oven sweet potato pie in the face. Obviously, her boyfriend was chicken shit as he ran out the back door when her “three teenagers” arrived in the kitchen to find out what the disturbance was about. Something’s telling me there will be a follow-up to this incident. Read hereto get an idea of where to go to help a sista out or at the very least, replace her pie.

J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Grits Weapon Loses to Sweet Potato Pie”

  1. He should be ashamed of himself. this guy didn’t think about the pie disfiguring his woman, and then he would have to look at the disfigurment for life and of course he ran out of the house those boys would have killed him about there mom. People lets always remember there is always an equal and seperate reaction for every action.

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