Dishin’ Dirt On The Real Housewives of Atlanta…

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Nene Leaks

The AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) is reporting that our girl NeNe from The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been EVICTED from her home. The 5,000 square foot home in a prestigious gated community in Gwinnett County was purchased in 2006 for $829,400. NeNe was not available for comment and will not reveal where she and Greg are currently residing. On the show NeNe stated that her husband Greg was a real estate investor but that does not seem to be the case. The only company listed in his name in GA is a company by the name of Advantage Moving LLC and the phone number listed for the company has been disconnected.

SHeree Whitfield

Since we are talking about NeNe, I may as well put Sheree on blast too. The former wife of NFL Player Bob Whitfield has put her mansion on the market for 2.8 million dollars and has enrolled her children in public school. Rumor has it that she did not get the SEVEN figure divorce settlement that she was bragging about on the show. She is so disappointed with the settlement that she has appealed the decision.

Side Bar-Now I ain’t sayin’ that she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ wit’ no broke broke…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Side Bar-Since relocating to ATL from Chicago many years ago, I have realized that in the ATL (AKA Mini-Hollywood) they are SOOOOOOOOOO very FAKE and superficial. The truth is…most of the folks running around acting all “grand” ain’t even from Atlanta. They are usually from somewhere like NY (NeNe), Ohio (Sheree), Detroit (DeShawn), Connecticut (Kim) and other places of the such. In most cases they are really WHACK and some would even call them BUSTERS. Then when they can no longer take being “WHACK” they come to Atlanta and reinvent themselves. Thus giving birth to the “REAL” Housewives of Atlanta. Nuff said…


Since I am talking about my favorite Housewives, I just had to plug Dwight’s new reality show. Those of you who loved The Real Housewives of Atlanta know Dwight (AKA Mr. Fabulous). Those of you who don’t know him, he was NeNe’s “Fabulous” male friend. Anyway, Dwight has a new reality show coming out called “Behind the Purple Door.” It is expected to debut Spring 2009. Here’s a taste:

Behind The Purple Door Trailer

15 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt On The Real Housewives of Atlanta…”

  1. I will be tuning into Behind the Purple Door. Dwight is too fabulous not to watch!

  2. I am so excited about Behind the Purple Door. I wish they would push up the production. I could watch Dwight every day of the week. He may be over the top but he was dead on with most of his comments.

  3. As much as I want everyone to be the best the God
    would want them to be.

    Why do we need “Behind the Purple Door”. If Europeans want to be on TV acting out…OH WELL. But, why do we need to. Coolio’s Rules, Snoop’s Fatherhood; Keyshia Cole’s folks, Brother to
    Brotha. it may be entertaining but it is ruinous in the long run.

    All of this extreme “over the top” behavior is almost too much ….The editing is done to make our children especially to look and act lazy; lacking gratitude and talking like they have mud in their mouths.

    If we don’t think that kids watching these shows won’t try to imitate what they see we are mistaken.

    And sure parents should be monitoring these programs. How, when there is a separate TV in
    every room and they can watch whatever they want.
    If they won’t, then Black actors, comedians, sports figures and artists need to. It’s our money that making
    these young black and white artists wealthy.

    I’m happy that there are so many wealthy young black folks but it’s coming at a very high price. Plus something “crazy” happens when you put folks in the presence of reality show cameras 24/7.

    I don’t know of any redeeming value to any of these programs. So, what if Snoop is showing how he’s raised his kids. Just flip to other moving channels
    and you see his documentary where he’s “Puff… Puff and Pass”. What about all the kids whose lives have been negatively effected trying to emulate him and
    other rappers prior 20 2007.

    But now that his kids are growing someone wants to impress us with his child rearing skills.

  4. In NeNe’s defense, this economy has taken its toll on a LOT of us. I am in real estate just like Gregory, and I have had my income reduced by 75%. Take away 3/4ths of your household income and tell me how you’d survive. I sympathize with them, but hey, she wanted to be a celebrity and when things go wrong everybody knows about it. As for Sheree, well, I feel no pity for her. I hope her fashion line does well, but she needs to accept what she gort in her divorce settlement and ease on.

  5. I Totally agree with Lisa !!! on everything she said from too many reality shows to the way the afro american kids talk and act on TV. I’m from Cali and I work with nothing but Caucasians and I hate the fact that snoop can’t even straighten up his talk, walk and rearing style of his children for the camera. No matter what everyone thinks all black families act like that or smoke, drink etc., and Shante !!! she never needs to open her mouth. She is SUPER GHETTO !!!

    EVEN THOUGH snoop s trying to portray himself as a loving, caring father he can’t because he addresses his sons as Cuzz !!!! Now if he was over that life and want them to have a better life them stop saying all those ridiculous things to them !! I am ashamed for snoop !!! Ignorance is a terrible thing I don’t care how much money you have !!! lots of teenage boys have seen his show before including my 14 year old son and we think it’s the stupidess thing ! I am glad I am raising leaders not followers. Snoop still acts like a child and he’s well into his 30’s, saggin pants, pimp talk, bud -smoke and you hear the word cuz more than anything else.

  6. Now for the ATL housewives comments. NeNe, Sheree, Lisa and Deshawn better all listen up because you can’t take the good without the bad so put on your boxing gloves ! Hollywood is no joke and you will get clowned and all of your personal business will be splattered in the streets !!

    You all had more viewers than all of the other housewives shows, be ready for the drama, accusations, and everything that comes with fame. NeNe has had nothing but good things to say about gregg when the show was on and now all of a sudden people say she’s getting evicted and she responds ” no one knows me and greg’s relationship”. What does that mean ? I’ll take him in a heart beat !!! she seems to ruff for him anyway.

    I like NeNe character somewhat but she’s loud and country, in LA they would call her ghetto because she doesn’t know when to speak and when to chill. It’s not just about honesty, it’s about cuth, and integrity, ethics and grace as a woman. She’s too opinionated and loud.

    She needs to kick back and not be so quick to respond to certain things, ready to attack people at all times.

    The other thing is Ne-Ne , Deshawn and Sheree seem to have nothing to do all day. Non Profits are great but then they don’t seem to have any skills or formal education. Even Sheree, clothing boutique ?? if she’s a designer by nature why didn’t she go to fashion design school to make her own 7 figures ?? Deshawn a degree in divinity ? Does she want to work for the ministry ?? or teach bible school ?? I believe her and thinks she really sweet but A Masters after never mentioning it on the show made it seem like a fake answer on the finale. I hope it’s true but it seems she just didn’t know what else to say. But I wish them all the best, the only one really working and have something to show for it is Lisa and people are not running around asking ” Did she use to really do crack” ?? so she should address it on the next talk show so the public can just get over her past if it’s true ………


  7. I hope NeNe and Greg keep their heads up. We won’t know a thing either til TMZ straight digs into public documents or the couple tells us.

    Hopefully there’s a next season. I don’t love many of the Black reality shows, but I’m downright sick of the other Real Housewives shows.

  8. After watching a few episodes, I could not help but to continue tuning in…if for no other reason than to see NeNe (who is so vivacious and entertaining). I did, however, notice early on that more times than not the ladies were putting on airs. The constant name dropping, brand endorsements, logo displays and ”flossing” were indications (to me) that these women were not (are not) as solidly upper class as they wanted to public to believe. A tell tale sign of the Upper Class is NOT being focused on the best…but simply possessing the best and ALMOST taking that life style for granted. These ladies were trying just a little too hard.

  9. Regarding Pretty Black Barbie’s comment…. Lisa did NOT floss during the show. She was the only one that did not try to be flamboyant or act as if “she had the world”. Even when she and Deshawn had a conversation about the difference between a football and basketball contract, she was very real. She didn’t try to PROVE that she and Ed had enough money without his football career. Instead she simply said, we’d be okay.

    Hands down, Lisa was the RealEST Housewife of ATL!!

  10. I feel bad for NeNe due to her situation. I agree that the economy has everyone messed up. The other ladies crack me up especially Sheree. I can say that not all women from Ohio act that way. I am happy that she didn’t get what she expected, maybe she can now be a true single mom and cut coupons. However, Eric Snow is my cousin and he and Deshawn do have it going on just like they state. She is a college graduate.

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