Ebony’s Person of the Year is OBAMA!

Barack Obama: Ebony’s Person of the Year

The Obama family is media gold for all print publications.  They are a dream come true for covers and Ebony will be launching their special edition with Barack on the cover December 9, 2008.  Ebony’s ‘Person of the Year’ exudes charisma and style unlike any other President before him. The special collector’s edition profiles the President-elect in an exclusive interview that chronicles his rise to one of the most powerful positions in the world.  The issue includes sections on Barack’s Chicago: How a City Shaped a Man, as well as, First Lady Style: Michelle Obama’s Eclectic Taste.

The exclusive edition will also include never-before-seen photos and insightful commentaries from all age groups and of course Barack Obama in his own words.  Subscribers get an extra treat because their special edition of the magazine will sport the first-ever gold Ebony logo.  But those of you that have to pick up a copy the old fashioned way, don’t forget to be careful out there.  We have seen entirely too many senseless incidents of consumer gang banging.


5 thoughts on “Ebony’s Person of the Year is OBAMA!”

  1. This truly make a black person really appreciate their heritage. Finally we have our first black President and he and his family are gracing the covers of some very prestigeous magazines which will become a keepsake for many . This is a nice cover and President Obama looks very distinguish on the cover. I cannot wait to get my copy. The year 09 will definitely be our time to shine. It will be a new beginning and a change for all the people of the United States fo America.

  2. I have mines. It couldn’t have been a better picture or person then the now, Mr. President Barack Obama to shine on the cover of a magazine.

  3. this game is one of the best computer games I have playd so far. It is because of the cool graphics. But unfortunaly nothing beats AC 2 on xbox, so I am returning to the sofa now ^^ Maybe I will play this game tomorrow sometime.

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