Obamas’ Essence


The Obama family has been immortalized on every newspaper, book, screensaver, t-shirt, lunchbox, you name it, there’s an image of them on it.  But, you won’t see a picture more definitively elegant and just plain breathtaking as the one you will see of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson-Obama on the cover of Essence in January.  Oh yeah, and Barack isn’t hard on the eyes either.

The special edition will feature 56-pages of tribute to the first family from a star studded contributor list that is diverse and historical in itself. 

The roster of contributors include: Ruby Dee, Bill Cosby, Spike Lee, Maya Angelou, Chris Rock, Sonia Sanchez and many more. 

The issue will also include:  a thorough timeline of the President from childhood to present; a perspective from Hannah Jane Hurdle-Tommey, the last surviving child of Andrew Jackson Hurdle (who was enslaved for nearly 20 years) who now sees Barack Obama become President in her lifetime; as well as a look at the life ahead for Sasha and Malia by Gwen Ifill.

But all of this is not meant to incite the riot-like behavior we saw on Black Friday.  Be careful out there.  If you don’t see the issue on your rack, surely Essence won’t mind hooking you up with a copy.  Go to essence.com to read more about the issue and maybe subscribe, so you don’t have to risk life or limb to own it.

6 thoughts on “Obamas’ Essence”

  1. Mr. & Mrs Obama, are TRULY Heaven sent. They both definitly have a heart of LOVE for themselves and the world. The photos are Just AWESOME! You couldn’t see a more better expression of them as the very First African American man and woman who will have control and power over the WORLD! This is a Blessing for me to see manifest in my lifetime at the age of 52.
    I pray Blessings and Favor upon them and their daughters……..(which are so precious). Sasha and Malia.

  2. would you please send me the Essence edition
    of the Obamas,portrait of Americ’s first family?
    I am also a subscriber to essence.
    thanks, ona m. sims

  3. היי כולם , פוסט ממש מעמיק , כל הקבוד על הפוסט.

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