What The Hell Is Going On In Illinois?!

Roland Burris

I’m sorry, but someone has to say it.  What in the hell is going on in Illinois?  I swear, if this governor was black he’d be clanging his tin cup on the bars praying that someone hears it.   He would not be gallivanting about town getting the opportunity to say or appoint jack…or Roland.  There is no way he would get to have his say, explain what happened with the infamous “selling” of the seat, and in the face of the white community, push forward and appoint someone to what has become the most prominent, coveted, and controversial seat in government.  Who does he think he is?  Bush? Continue reading

The Russians Are Coming…and Everyone Else!


Let’s see if you are a genius or have some sort of mythical purpose and/or talent for fortune telling.  Did you predict that America would be in the shape it’s in now because of a greedy government that has allowed big business to go unrestricted, thus eroding our sky causing global warming and allowing people to immigrate in alarming numbers unchecked to make money off of them, which in turn has contributed to our economic decline, thus giving way to an immense moral deficit that will ultimately be the downfall of America?  Thought so!  This guy is a hack!  He using no more than common sense.

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The Flu Ain’t So Bad…This Year


 The bugs are attacking and phenomenally enough, not the flu bug.  Everyone is walking around bragging about their flu shot, yet there’s other inhibitors out there that would like to take up residency in your body.  The flu’s meaner viral counterpart, the norovirus, has been widely circulated in e-mails as being a scary motha watch yo’ mouth lately.  But no matter how much we are warned, there seems to be no resistance to this germ.

If you have any home remedies or remedies in general, please share them.  The winter is upon us and we need all the help we can get combatting the illnesses lurking amongst us for the next 4-5 months.  Read here for another head’s up on winter ailments.

Deja vu Or Faith?


 Have you ever had a dream that was so real to you that it made you wake up elated about what was getting ready to happen in your life? Or just the opposite?   What about the dream that you can’t remember and then it happens?  Well, there’s a woman out there that feels she spared her own life by a dream that she had.  The dream was obviously in technicolor as she was able to pick a doctor based on the dream.  The doctor would go on to save the woman’s life. 

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“I Pledge Allegiance To My Virginity”



Is anyone standing with their hand over heart anymore swearing to do or not do anything?  There used to be a time when a person’s word was their bond and a person’s reputation was all they had in this world.  But no more.  Those times have come and gone.  The greenbacks are all that matter now.  If you don’t receive some type of tangible currency in your hand, most would bet that the person is running for the border with your goods.  Well, in this case, the goodies.

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health have reported that virgins that pledged to abstain over the last five years have fell off the wagon and fell hard.  Continue reading

Black On Black Is Back?


How many times have you watched television and heard your city named as the murder capital, yet you catch the bus and/or walk your neighborhood daily and things are generally the same as they’ve always been…dangerous.  But, when you hear it on national news, it gives the nation the impression that everyone is walking around brandishing guns and driving tanks to the grocery store.  This also presents a deeper problem in business.  The investors that would have helped the city flourish either turn to another viable source or present businesses divest.

Now it is being reported that young black males are killing one another at an alarming rate reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s when crack hit the scene.  Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on Beyonce, Ciara, Buffy the Body and NFLer Byron Westbrook…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Y’all this economy is really suffering.  So much so, that “super” producers are recycling their own beats!  It seems that Ciara done re-made Beyonce’s “Diva” from her recent release, “I Am Sasha Fierce.”  This is wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin.  Although, I am a fan of Ciara (LAWD knows I shouldn’t be because both of her CD’s SUCK), she will NEVER be Beyonce.  In fact, she needs to stand clear from anything Beyonce related.   That includes, dresses, shoes, hair, ex-boyfriends, choreography and yes…MUSIC!  Okay, I will give it to Ciara, the lil’ sista can dance and if you give her a pole and a red light, I am sure she would make a whole lot of money but sangin’ ain’t her forte’.  Y’all know I’m tellin’ the truth.  Check out the “re-mix” hereContinue reading