Switzerland Says Yes to Heroin


There has long been controversy over the legalization of drugs in the U.S.  Some feel it would transform the country into modern day Babylon.  Some conspiracy theorists (and we’re not saying any names) believe that it would cut too deeply into the government’s pocket.  So, while we’ve seen some things legalized in the U.S., certainly none of them would be hardcore drugs.

Now prostitution was pretty high on the list of legalization priorities for the U.S. government in a couple cities, wonder why?  Can you think of any reasons?  But heroin or crack?  We’ll have no parts of that!  What else would elected officials use against their drug induced hookers, other elected officials, people with no jobs that are building the legal slavery system otherwise known as the prison system? 

But not Switzerland.  They are for the upliftment and/or greater good of their addicts.  They feel that with legalizing heroin, via their “heroin program”  their addicts can be better prepared for life.  Not to mention they don’t have to see addicts “shooting” on the streets and crime has dropped without the need of a superhero.  How nice is that?  Check it out.  Maybe Barack is reading with you and taking notes, especially the part about how they pay their citizens’ health benefits.

One thought on “Switzerland Says Yes to Heroin”

  1. people often freak out, esp with the magic word “heroin”, when talk of legalizing drugs comes up….but please use logic, not emotion…. do you use heroin? no? why not? is it because it’s against the law? so if it was at the 7-11 store, would you rush right out and buy some and shoot it up? i sure wouldn’t…..i don’t use heroin because i don’t WANT to….but it is MY decision….and obviously the people who WANT to use it DO use it, regardless of the law. We must stop pretending that the law changes people. Data from countries where marijuana has been legalized have shown a DECREASE in marijuana use. In countries where homosexuality is illegal, you still have homosexuals…they are often in hiding, in prison, or killed, but they exist in the same numbers in countries where it’s legal and in countries where they are persecuted…likewise, there are people who engage in prostitution, and people who use intoxicants….and there has been-AS FAR BACK AS RECORDED HISTORY GOES!!!! I’m so glad nicotine is legal, although i think it is the most dangerous drug out there, it is certainly the most addictive drug on the planet earth. But since it is legal, i never had to hide my habit, and i was able to buy all kinds of things to help me quit without ever worrying about the government throwing me in jail because i kept relapsing and using tobacco again….but with all the medical and over the counter help, i was finally able to say quit. Damn, if i had been addicted to heroin, i’d probably STILL be addicted, i’d be too scared to seek help. And further, i’m so tired of people trying to prove marijuana is safe and therefore should be legal….NO! NO! NO! It should be legal because it should be MY decision. Having extra helpings of meatloaf is bad for me too….but it is not the governments job to come in my house and stop me from eating a 2nd helping!
    ps-think how the police could finally crack down on runaway children being forced into prostitution if adults could enter the profession legally? all the police force being used to stop the prostitutes who willingly want to do that business and the customers who also are willing…..what if all that police force could be concentrated on busting forced prostitution, which would and should be illegal?
    if prostitution and drugs were legal, the police could focus on violent crimes…..yes, prostitution and drugs currently invovle violent crimes, but ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE ILLEGAL!

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