Ever Find Your Car Keys In Your Child’s Head?

Xray of Nicholas Holderman

Make sure you’re on your last turkey sandwich before you go any further.  The story will start out pretty rough, but end up on a Christmas story note.  Imagine it.  You’re at home in another room and hear your child yell out, but in a slightly different way than ever before.  You walk in and you have a scenario played out in your head like he’s got a bloody lip or the worst case scenario, he’s broken a bone.  But nothing can prepare you for the horror of seeing your child screaming in excruciating pain from your car keys stuck through his

eyelid into his brain.

Now the good part is that he has fully recovered. But, when you see the unbelievable recovery of this child, you will agree with Ms. Sophia when she described seeing Ms. Celie in the store, “There is a God!”  Don’t read the full story until you go and put those damn keys away.

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