Dishin’ Dirt On the Dirty Awards 2008


What’s up people?!

Okay, many of you know that I attended the 4th Annual Dirty Awards down here in the ATL.  First of all, I would like to shout out Radio One for coming up with the concept of an awards show that recognizes the Dirty South Hip Hop movement.  In the past, they have never had an incident with any of the artists fighting.  That is until last night!!  I will get to that HOT MESS later.

Many of you out there in the “real” world may think that working the red carpet is a PLUSH job.  Well, let me tell you…that could not be further from the truth!  Not only do you have to deal with being bum rushed by other MEDIA OUTLETS (who will remain nameless), but you have to deal with “artists” (and the 50 members of their entourage) who walk the red carpet HIGH, DRUNK, FUNKY and with a bad attitude.  I will say this…the folks that you see on television or hear on the radio and absolutely “love” are generally the worst ones.  Now I will get to puttin’ folks on blast…

D. Woods

The first blast and BEEOTCH AWARD goes to D. Woods of Danity Kane.  I was a HUGE FAN of Making the Band…so much so, that I bought both Danity Kane and Day 26’s cd’s.  My favorites from Danity Kane were D. Woods and Aubrey…until last night.  I politely told D. Woods that I heard a rumor that she had signed on to do another season of Making the Band and this heifer got HOSTILE and asked me who told me that and if I could not reveal my sources that she would not answer my question.  Later on D. Woods and I got an opportunity to chat (one on one) when the “posse” and cameras weren’t rolling and she seemed to be in a better mood.  Again, I presented the question about Danity Kane and Making the Band and she explained to me that MTV has the right to put out anything they want, but as it stands she has been “dismissed”.  When asked if she would consider working with Puffy again, she said, “I’m sure we will cross paths again.  In what capacity, I don’t know.”

Side Bar-Even when me and D. had our “talk” she was still real “Hollywood” and did not come off genuine AT ALL (until towards the end of the conversation).  Once I let her know that I was actually a fan and I mentioned some things to her “off the record”…that I will not repeat (unless one of y’all hit me up personally), is when she began to warm up to me.  In my “professional” opinion, I think she had her guard up and was probably tired of answering questions about Danity Kane and Making the Band.  If that was it, I can totally understand where she was coming from.  Y’all know us “media folks” can be over the top from time to time.  However, on the flip side…D. Woods if you are out there…just know…YOU AIN’T BEYONCE.  Don’t nobody know you unless they got basic cable and watched Making the Band.  Therefore, you need to cut out all the “Beeotch-Azz-Ness” and have a big old slice of humble pie.  Bad press comes with the job!  Nuff said…


Although Trina was drop dead gorgeous last night, I could not help but notice when speaking with her that she seemed a bit inebriated.  Now I don’t know for sure if she was “high”, but I got 500 pennies that says if she got pulled over by the cops last night, she would not be able to pass a sobriety test.  Nuff said…

Side BarTrina’snew CD is dropping in May (according to her website)…but she told me March 2009 (thus my believing that she was high).  Nuff said…

Side Bar-I just had to put this out there.  Why did this DUMMY from another publication tell Trina that she is glad that she changed her hair color because the blonde hair made her look old…AND she said it like she was giving Trina a compliment.  Does anyone else see the wrong in that??!  I’m just sayin’…

While working the red carpet, out of the 100 or so “artists” that I spoke with none of them really had anything of substance to say other than, “The cd is dropping…” therefore I will not mention them.

Souljah Boy

Souljah Boy Tell’emtook me up on my 500-cent wager that says he could not sell a million copies the first week out.  I told him that when I won the bet that he had betta not make me come looking for him to collect my money.  He later assured me that he could spare the “change”.  AAAAAAND…I’m sure he could.  Seeing that the brotha was rocking jewels that weighed more than my nine-month-old baby!!  Aside from us cutting a fool on the red carpet, I will say that this young man has his head on straight, is humble, and does not take his blessings for granted.  In that brief five-minute interview, with all sincerity he said, “This will definitely be my best Thanksgiving because I have a whole lot to be thankful for.”  Hmmm…could it be the shoe line or the clothing line that has the brotha getting all “sensitive” on the red carpet?!  Whatever the case, I am trying to be like him when I grow up.  Nuff said…


Slim (formerly of 112) was in the house as well.  The new cd, Love’s Crazy, has dropped and he has a new look and a new outlook on life.  In our brief conversation, he told me about his new record label and how he was all about sharing information with those wanting to get into the “industry”.  Hit him up on his MySpace page at if you get “on” don’t forget who told ya first.  ‘Nuff said…

Okay now here is the DRAMA!!  I have gotten 50,000 phone calls and e-mails about the fight that broke out at the Dirty Awards.  Here is the low down…

Shawty Lo T.I.

Shawty Lo and his click got on stage at the Dirty Awards and DISSED T.I. and his “baby mama” Tameka (AKA Tiny formerly of Xscape) saying that they were the kings of Bankhead.  Mind you, they were NOT supposed to perform.  Their little ditty was spontaneous.  Before they could complete their little “chant”, if you will,…P.S.C. (T.I.’s click) bum rushed the stage and set it off.  MIND YOU…T.I. was not even in the building!  Someone from his click called him and let him know what was going down and he rolled through to the awards ceremony rocking a black hoodie, a black skull cap and some jeans (he lives around the corner and up the street from GICC).  Now I ain’t saying that he was dressed for a scrap, but I will say that he had to make his presence known.  Once he arrived, he won an award and went up to give his speech.  In his speech, folks were expecting him to dis’ Shawty Lo, but to my relief, the young brotha didn’t even go there.  He simply thanked the fans and said, that he was moving on with his life and if it ain’t positive then it ain’t got nothing to do with him.  Shortly after that, the Clayton County Police and a couple of staffers from Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 FM pulled T.I. and Shawty Lo into a room together so that they could talk.  No one but the folks that were in the room with them knows exactly what was said.  The last performance and award of the night went to T.I.  Mind you, he was not supposed to perform.  However, he had the DJ spin a record while he rapped along side of 100 MEMBERS of PSC while Clayton County Police unsuccessfully tried to escort them off stage.  It got so bad that they turned their mics and music off and T.I. continued to rap as the crowd of fans went wild.

Side Bar-For those of you who don’t know who Shawty Lo is…don’t feel bad.  He is a NOBODY trying to go after a SOMEBODY to make a name for himself.  The truth of the matter is…if he made good music, the music would speak for itself.  There is enough room in the industry for everybody.  Seeing that his only aspiration is to be the KING of BANKHEAD only shows you that his music SUCKS and he has low expectations!  On another note…this fool Shawty Lo don’t bit more own a slab of grass in Bankhead let alone a home.  This fool still lives in the projects!  ‘Nuff said…

Side Bar-T.I. you did the right thing.  It takes a real man to make his presence known yet walk away from foolishness.  Just know that not everyone his happy about your success.  Your blessings are for you and you only.  Where God has ordered your steps may not necessarily be in the same direction he has ordered the next man’s.  Take heed.  It ain’t what I heard…it is what I know.  Nuff said…

Holla back at your girl!  I got more dirt but it is too much to mention in this one post!



4 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt On the Dirty Awards 2008”

  1. SWH: I love tha column, speaking on tha brotherhood of tha industry, fellow artists, “we all we got”, beef don’t sell CDs Great CDs sell Cds, perfect your craft so you don’t have to take acting lessons after your first “succesful” joint. Remember, this is the OBAMA age! If you ain’t helpin, you hurtin.


  2. Don’t hate on shawty Lo he the shizzle in the A n its about time someone called out T.I for his fabrication of a lifestyle that ol snitch! He cant come back to Bankhead!

  3. Mustve been ur first time at the dirty awards..well its called the dirty awards for a reason u want that high class shit take u ass to the oscars then.and lo the man on westside and everybody no that including tip that’s y he aint said u think ti got a year in prison? Its because he den gave up most of atl to the atf and the feds real man my ass

  4. My kids like both T.I. and Shawty-Lo(I prefer T.I.). I just wanted to ask if you knew the correct word was “clique”( Not click as it was written in your article)? You did get to the point though. I’m a mom who likes to keep up with what her kids are listening to and watching. No disrespect-do what you do.

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