GM Drops Tiger Contract

Tiger Woods

As General Motors has applied for federal aid and some emergency food stamps, they had to let Tiger Woods go from his endorsement contract a year early.  They were both interested in going their separate ways…what’s $7 million to Tiger per year, right?  He’s got another child on the way, he’s at the top of his game and at the top of the endorsements.  He might just loan GM a couple bucks.  Well, actually he has because he let them out of his contract and we haven’t heard any news on a lawsuit.

GM is also cutting back on other areas of advertisement like their commercial time during the Super Bowl, Oscars and Emmy awards.  If the other companies follow suit in an effort to cut some corners, the Grammys will be a rendition of the Wayans’ “Black People Awards” and CBS will have to split air-time with BET so they are able to air all of the Oscars.  At 10pm, you have to switch to BET to see the rest of the show.  Read here to see if you can interest GM in a commercial featuring you with your 1995 Buick Regal.

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