Bush Is Burned In Iraq

Iraqi smacks Bush effigy with shoe

The Iraqi people wanted to throw Bush a bon voyage party, so where Saddam had been yanked down five years ago in Firdos Square, they erected an effigy of Bush…to burn of course.  The bon voyage party is all in jest, what is really going on is the Iraqi’s anger with the latest U.S. pact with the country to ensure that there will be a U.S. occupation over there for another three years.  Well, the people are pissed to say the least.  But before they burned Bush down, they had a little fun with him.

According to the NY Times, their was resounding applause for the fall of Hussein and they placed a black hood over the effigy of President Bush. They put a whip in his right hand and a briefcase in the left that read “the security agreement is shame and dishonor”.

The radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s saw 10,000 followers come to express their opposition with what they feel is a U.S. self serving security policy.  Read here if you want the instructions on how to erect your own Bush effigy.  It should be good for hours and hours of fun for you and the family.

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