Is Retirement A Thing of the Past?

seniors at work

Lots of senior citizens are having to return to the workforce for various reasons.  Some have lost their health benefits that their employer promised they could keep for life and some have lost their retirement funds in the latest stock market turmoil.  The retirement age is on the rise and it doesn’t seem to be taking a downturn anytime soon.  People used to have their choice of locations to move to and grow old gracefully, but now they are trying to save their homes from predatory lenders, pay the astronomical gas and electric bills, and/or working simply to afford the food.

Atop of all of the retirement issues on the table is the unemployment disaster.  A lot of seniors that need to return to the workforce don’t have the option.  That paints another horrific picture on the face of poverty in the U.S.  Seniors are cutting back the retirement lifestyles that were once supposed to be a comfortable time to celebrate the hard work they had done for decades.  Read here to see how long you have to live to afford living.

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