Ahoy! The Pirates Are Here!


We are finally starting to see gas prices go down and here we are in a battle with the Pirates of the Caribbean.  They are hijacking ships off the coast of Africa and attacking fishing boats and just having a gay ol’ time.  But the Indian Navy isn’t amused.  They took the pirates down immediately.  They have the marauders out there right now in the middle of the ocean saying, “You sank my battleship!”

A lot of us are looking at this on the news and are entertained by the “swashbucklin'” of it all, BUT THIS AIN’T NO MOVIE!  This could very possibly kick us in the wallet if the pirates aren’t brought under control.  The job to get our oil and other imported goods will become a perilous mission that will result in us paying steeper and steeper prices.  Read here to get an idea of what Jack Sparrow and friends are up to. 

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