Community Activist Knifes Wife


The state of the union has to be more clearly defined for us all, but especially those that look like our new President.  All of the hopes and dreams that are being seen in Obama need to first be embraced in ourselves.  He said that WE can make the difference and the change needed in this country.  Well, someone needs to share that with a young man who was caught by a police officer in Baltimore, Md., stabbing his wife near a courthouse. 

He nearly fatally stabbed her in the neck and she is in critical condition at Johns Hopkins.  The man is a well-known community activist that just completed a stint of passing out fliers to remind folks in the community to vote.   In addition to his voting activism, he was recently walking the beat in the community with police and members of the community and emphasizing the need for safety.   What in the  Jesse Jackson is going on when a pillar of our community begins to crumble in such a way?  Does this discount all that he has done and set back the entire community?  Read here to see what his community organization has to say about it.

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