Michael Jackson Lives In Neverland


 Michael Jackson better make a hit before he begins to fade away altogether.  Between him getting lighter and lighter every time you see him and this album that hasn’t seemed to make it to daylight, it’s a wonder we remember him.  Can you remember the last time he was spotted and where?  You think he’s moved back in with his parents?  Well, if no one knows where he is, we apparently know where he is not.  It’s now being reported that he has no land at Neverland anymore.  But, as some consolation, the house went to a corporation he has a stake in.  At least the reports of him “hanging out” with little children can cease.  No amusement park, no kids.  Right?  Read here to get details of the Neverland deal.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Lives In Neverland”

  1. * “Between him getting lighter and lighter every time you see him.” –Ha, ha, ha!!!!

  2. well, in my book. Light or dark. Mike Jac is still the man…Always has been, always will be…I got a lot of good memories of him and his family and their contributions to the music industry and the world…His personal life is his own. It aint my business….I would be grateful to get another album out of Mike…Take your time brah….. It’s all good..Much love my brother………….

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