Teens Shock Tyra With Sex Survey


The Tyra Banks show gave a survey that is leaving everyone’s mouths open.  Tyra sat down and talked with Matt Lauer on the Today show about the results and they both were a bit more than concerned.  Tyra and her crew came up with the idea to find out if they could get the pulse of America’s teens sex lives by surveying 10,000 teen girls.  The girls were very open and honest about their sex life, but ironically, they aren’t talking to their parents about it at all.  A few of the girls that were surveyed came on her show and were still quite candid even after losing their anonymity.  One of the most jaw dropping results was that 1 in 5 girls have aspirations of being a teen mom.  Make sure you read here to see the alarming results.  If you’re a parent click until you get to Oz.  The reality of all of this may be too much for you to handle.

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