King’s Children Break Link With Obama


The papers and personal effects of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have been a source of income for the civil rights champion’s family for some time.   It appears that capitalizing on his legacy is nothing new to the clan.  But now Obama supporters are on the hot seat along with your local pan handler.  The King family is sick and tired of seeing their father alongside Obama on t-shirts and not getting a dime of the profit.  The image and likeness of MLK is protected by his children and they have a say on how it should be used.  In addition to the King siblings ganging up on the vendors, once again, strife is building between the siblings over their mother’s personal effects. 

Coretta Scott King, died in 2006.  Last year, the eldest of the siblings, Yolanda King, suddenly passed away.  But, before she died, she found personal papers of her mother’s detailing the life with MLK and the civil rights movement.  Now the fight is on between the three surviving siblings over how her personal journal and other things should be used.  Which luckily for the general public may result in them being distracted enough to slow the lawsuits for those who have enjoyed putting King and Obama together for profit.  Read here to see about how long you have before you have to stop selling your t-shirts and mugs. 

One thought on “King’s Children Break Link With Obama”

  1. The in-fighting with the King family is ridiculous. But I’m with them on the OVER use and comparison to Dr. King. Dont’ get me wrong… I get the connection, but we have NOT REACHED “the promised land”. Don’t let the great milestone over shadow the work that still needs to be done.

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