KKK Slay One Of Their Own


 Times are really changing when the KKK has proven it’s so intrinsically stupid that, while trying to show the world they are an organization interested only in the value and quality of white life, they turn around and participate in white on white crime….during an initiation no less.  One of their chickens came home to Louisiana to roost from Washington in an effort to get jumped into the gang, initiated, whatever they do!  Then, boom! a fight breaks out and a murder cover-up begins.  Even the sheriff of this hick spot in Louisiana had to marvel at their IQ deficiency.  Read here to see why Jed and them really moved to Beverly.

One thought on “KKK Slay One Of Their Own”

  1. The are truly a scary bunch. What would have happened if a truck load of Crips, bloods, MS 18, MS 13, Tianos, Neta’s rolled up into KKK camp that night.

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