Young Boy Gives Dying Wish


Brenden Foster is a young man with conviction and generous spirit who could probably be an asset to Obama’s cabinet.  But he’s only 11-years old, and his life is at its end.  He’s a Leukemia patient who was given, by doctors, 2 weeks to live.  But, that time has come and gone and he still remains.  We pray that he could possibly beat this thing by some sort of miracle, but logic and medicine points to a premature death.  Brenden expressed that he would like to feed the homeless at an outdoor shelter en route to the clinic where he is treated and people have come forward to make his wish come true.  His mother said that he is already at peace and hasn’t complained one time about his treatment or condition.  Go here to watch the video and/or read the heart wrenching story of this beautiful young man that now only wishes to become an “angel”.

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