Kennedy/Obama Re-visited


 They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but I’ll be brief.  There’s been a photo circulating the Internet that shows the tragic image of Coretta Scott King holding her daughter’s head on her lap during Martin Luther King’s funeral and right next to it, they show Michelle Obama in the same position with her daughter, but for totally unrelated reasons, in the exact same pose.  The images are damaging to the energy of the Obama camp.  They are images that one of McCain’s supporters may have put together and there’s no place for them as we hope and pray for “change” in our future. 

Now the picture you see with this story is from and it accompanies a poignant piece on what Obama’s presidency represents for this nation and the world.  Tom Hall offers a historic perspective that is as juxtaposed with Kennedy to Obama as the photo.  Read here to fully appreciate these families.

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