Spitzer Is Off the Hook


 Well, we’re supposedly in a new age now with Barack Obama getting ready to take the reigns, but it is evident that he hasn’t taken the reins just yet.  Eliot Spitzer, as we all know, was ousted as New York’s governor after he was caught picking up hookers.  Well, it was a little more “sexy” than that, but not much.  He was caught up in a nasty federal investigation of a sex ring.  He was banished as governor, but will more than likely never hold public office again.  Well, never mind all that.  Everybody got busted, but somehow they thought it would be best if there were no criminal charges brought against Spitzer.  Interesting?  Well, it’s not common practice to prosecute the john.  This is yet another problem in our legal system that is on Obama’s plate.  Lock up the john, prostitution must surely die from lack of demand.  Read here while you write your letter to Congress. 

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