Cancer Treatment Gets A Shot in the Arm


Scientists have been working overtime to find a way to treat one of the most debilitating diseases known to man, Cancer.  There are many of us that have lost family members to the disease that has yet to be figured out…till now.   The thanks go to the team at Washington University in St. Louis who researched the DNA of a 50 something-year old woman who had died of Leukemia.  The scientists studied the entire DNA rather than just a couple hundred cells as had been done in the past.  The study gave a major breakthrough into the treatment of the disease and they hope it will result in a medicinal cocktail suited to each individual.  Read here about the crusade against Cancer.  Barack Obama is a supporter of stem cell research and with these results, we can only imagine what is necessary and possible for the future of health care.

One thought on “Cancer Treatment Gets A Shot in the Arm”

  1. I am so glad that with Barack in Office we have a president that realizes we need to move forward in this era in a lot of areas. Stem cell research is one of them. There are so many diseases that the world would be in a better place without, that it doesn’t make since not to do the research. Lets stop being petty and move the nation forward. Stem cell research hurts no one, and helps everyone!

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