NAACP Gets Fresh Face


When you think of NAACP what do you think of?  Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, historical civil rights activism?  Well, the NAACP has brought in a younger set of eyes for CEO and President, Mr. Benjamin Jealous.  In fact, he’s the youngest President they’ve ever had at 35 years old.  Hopefully, he can bring the organization out of the past and into the future with an image makeover, and needed initiatives.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear him campaign, but with the similarities between him and Barack, maybe he too will find mass acceptance. The two have a lot of similarities.  Both come from a mixed heritage (black mother/white father).  He was a grassroots fundraiser and community organizer.  He was also a Rhodes scholar and educated at Columbia.  Maybe they will get together and build a taskforce that will thwart racial crimes and injustices that are sure to rise “when” Obama is elected. Read here about the phenomenal young man.

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