Palin’s Been Punked!


Palin. Palin. Palin.  Can anyone explain how she continues to be the butt of the joke?  And not only stateside, but now she’s the butt of international jokes.  A Canadian comedian called her, it seemed at home, and pretended he was French President Nicholas Sarkozy.  He has a thick accent, so she couldn’t make out half of what he was saying and proceeded, in Palin fashion, to just say whatever she wanted.  If you listen to him, you can hear all kind of crazy little add-ins during the conversation that she totally misses or disregards. Where’s her secret service and at the very least answering service?  Maybe she really is the Wal-marter she claims to be.  She still has her daughter or some young girl answering the phone at home.  If this is her office, it’s even worse!  Have fun.

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