Low Income Withstands iPhone Sales


If you’re still living with your mama, older than 30, writing your name on your food in the refrigerator, but have an iPhone 3G and a Range Rover sitting in her driveway, you should be ashamed.  You can be certain that the latest market news from Apple regarding the sales of their cell phone can be traced directly to them.  PC World reports that the low income consumer is dishing out the big bucks for the phone at an alarming rate making it a “must have.”  Apple, based on this latest discovery, is probably setting up billboards in low income communities in the inner city as we speak.  What’s ironic is that the company is not lowering the cost of the phone knowing that lower income consumers are attracted to and buying the phone.  They may even spike the price.  But that’s business right?  Apple is simply using the information to their advantage…as they should.  This news reminds me when I found out that there were people out there that bought cars worth more than the homes they lived in.  Read here about how Apple’s owners will continue to put their children and their children’s children through college.

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  1. I continue to wonder why the first thing people do in an economic crisis is spend. I wasn’t raised that way. Tightening the belt is not just a figure of speech. It is apalling that people who can’t pay for their necessities continue to brandish the latest and greatest fad or phone. My students in middle school are no exceptions, they may not have a pencil (12 for a dollar at any discount store), but they have cell phones and IPod’s that far surpass that cost, along with a monthly bill that sickens me. So whatever man…

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