Switzerland Says Yes to Heroin


There has long been controversy over the legalization of drugs in the U.S.  Some feel it would transform the country into modern day Babylon.  Some conspiracy theorists (and we’re not saying any names) believe that it would cut too deeply into the government’s pocket.  So, while we’ve seen some things legalized in the U.S., certainly none of them would be hardcore drugs.

Now prostitution was pretty high on the list of legalization priorities for the U.S. government in a couple cities, wonder why?  Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel Does Obama Damage Control

Comedians everywhere are concerned about their jokes on the Obama family.  They fear that they may offend the first family and black folks in general if they move in the wrong direction with the jokey jokes.  Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took it upon himself to do a little "research." 

Watch as the funny man visits "Legends" barbershop to interview the black community’s finest representatives.  Don’t worry, they are quite versed on what is proper and improper joking as it pertains to the black community.  Watch here:

Ever Find Your Car Keys In Your Child’s Head?

Xray of Nicholas Holderman

Make sure you’re on your last turkey sandwich before you go any further.  The story will start out pretty rough, but end up on a Christmas story note.  Imagine it.  You’re at home in another room and hear your child yell out, but in a slightly different way than ever before.  You walk in and you have a scenario played out in your head like he’s got a bloody lip or the worst case scenario, he’s broken a bone.  But nothing can prepare you for the horror of seeing your child screaming in excruciating pain from your car keys stuck through his

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Slave Ship Discovered

Slave ship

 A black man is President, and that black man has hired the first black man as Attorney General and, we have Real Housewives of Atlanta that boasts an all black cast (minus 1) living lavishly on national television.  Black people are on the rise … literally.  Now, marine archaeologists have discovered the remains of a slave ship that wrecked off the coast of Turks and Caicos in 1841. That wreck saved the lives of 192 Africans whose legacy can be traced to present day shores of Turks and Caicos.  Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt On the Dirty Awards 2008


What’s up people?!

Okay, many of you know that I attended the 4th Annual Dirty Awards down here in the ATL.  First of all, I would like to shout out Radio One for coming up with the concept of an awards show that recognizes the Dirty South Hip Hop movement.  In the past, they have never had an incident with any of the artists fighting.  That is until last night!!  I will get to that HOT MESS later. Continue reading

Does Social Service Really Care About Your Welfare?


 The poverty line has been pushed up and up and up, and now some of the biggest companies in the U.S. are in line.  The bailouts seem to be a trend and if you have at least a billion dollars worth of debt, you can get some assistance.   But, us little guys with a little credit card debt, some foreclosures waiting to happen, teeter tottering on the brink of bankruptcy can’t get $20 from social service.  Continue reading

Dishin Dirt On Wyclef, Kanye and T. I.

What’s up Y’all!!

Here is the dirty dirty for today…

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean done lost his crib down in Miami!! According to my sources, Wyclef’s Miami home (next door to Anthony Shriver…Maria Shriver’s little brother mind you), is being foreclosed on! This fool now owes the bank $2.4 million dollars. For all y’all “ballers” out there, the house will be auctioned off on December 12th. Continue reading

Dishin Dirt On: Terrence Howard, Karrine Steffans and Bow Wow…

What’s up Y’all?!
Here is the run down…
Noemie LenoireTerrence Howard

Ladies the NY Post is reporting that Terrence Howard has a new chick on his team.  Allegedly, Howard is dating the French model/actress Noemie Lenoire. They were spotted at the Mariah Carey concert and later at the hotel lounge Blade where he sang to her.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he went to see her the very next night at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.  Terrence was working real hard for the PAN-ties. Nuff said… Continue reading