Wasssssssup? He’s back!

Remember the days of Clinton when all things were good:  gas was about a dollar, everybody had a job, your stocks were actually making money, you could trust your bank and you had a home?  Not only that, people even seemed to be a lot more friendlier back then (with reason)!  You could catch anyone, almost anytime, just calling to say, “Wasssssssup?!”  Mainly because Charles Stone III, back when you could afford a Bud, was making commercials that popularized the salutation and made it a beloved part of the English language. 

Well, it may make your day to know the boys are back and this time they are saying “Wasssssup?” for Obama!  Check it out!  But, try not to cry from the beauty of past, present and future coming together in his new message:

5 thoughts on “Wasssssssup? He’s back!”

  1. Beautiful Waaaaasup? Lets make the Change happen. Not later but now, that’s Waaaaasup!

  2. its good to be able to laugh during times like this…cuz thats one of the only things they cant take away from u…keep your head & stay focus maaannn!

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