Warden’s Wife Makes Break for Love


It must be embarrassing to be the assistant warden in a prison and your wife runs off with one of the inmates.  Well, she’s denying that of course, but come on now.  The lady was living in a trailer with the man and she never even sent so much as a smoke signal in 10 years?  Seems a little fishy and the judge thought so too.  But, her husband contends that she didn’t run off with the inmate.  He says she truly was a kidnap victim and they both would just like to put it behind them.  Well, the embarrassment alone should keep him fighting for her.  I mean, the woman even had children she left behind.  One of her children was seven and the other 10 at the time. 

What really seals the deal is that the guy has died now.  Once he died, she could say whatever she wanted and not hurt his feelings.  But, how does everyone know where you are for all these years and not try to help?  An author wrote a book about the alleged kidnapping and he called her while she was living with the man and said, “Hey, you think you might wanna call your kids?”  (loosely translated)  Now if he knew where she was, how come her husband didn’t go get her?  Everything about this case sounds strange.  See how strange here.

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