A Noose Of A Different Color


If you haven’t seen it by now, Sarah Palin is wearing something that really isn’t her choice or fault.  We may be competitive and see Obama as the better candidate, but we never thought about putting a noose on Palin’s neck.  A man in California thought it would be a good idea to, literally, hang her over his doorstep for Halloween.  Everyone from everywhere have been outraged.  Democrats and Republicans alike find it disturbing and distasteful to say the least.  But, it seems that the man didn’t view it as any of these things until SWAT, NATO peacekeepers, ATF, the Mayor, Secret Service, Bush, the Easter Bunny and some protesters with a likeness of him in a noose descended on his home.  This thing has taken all the fun out of Halloween for that community.  Read here to see why he had a change of heart.

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