Hypertension Research Runs Amuk


 Recently a study was released where some fancy named scientists have taken the credit for the discovery of lowering hypertension with a simple …um…fart.  Sounds gross?  Yes it is.  But I must stand up for the little people who really made this happen for these scientists.  I believe the scenario happened like this:

Picture it…a laboratory, two geeks and some mice.  One of the lab techs runs out to Taco Bell to get their food for the nightshift.  Now these guys aren’t any kind of scientist or anything, they’re just there to log the mice’s reaction to concocted injections or run some basic tests; like have them run on a wheel or something.  Well, once they finish their dinner things in the lab get interesting.  No one eats that stuff without having to “let one off”  and it just so happens that one of these geeks let one “rip”.  While he’s trying to look innocent as possible writing on one of the mice’s log sheets, his colleague notices an odor usually associated with Taco Bell and popularly referred to as “silent but deadly.”   This grade of fart is known to leave most rooms empty.  Those unable to escape normally get nauseous or experience extreme irritation.  But not the mice, they have a reaction of decreased blood pressure, which in layman’s terms means they were knocked out and hanging on for dear life in their cages when the scientists showed up the next morning.  The scientists then grilled the lab assistants.  The rest…history.

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