Is Prejudice Out If Obama Is In?


 We are sitting on the brink of a new day in an old world.  The thoughts and traditions of the U.S. have to change to facilitate the reality of a black man at the helm of the United States.  It appears that the country, in the wake of thwarted hate crimes and countless effigies of Obama and his wife in supposed satire, must really review this man in more than a superficial way.  He came into this campaign and fought bitterly, but with class; fiercely, but intelligently; and as the underdog, but embraced as a “superstar”. 

If it’s Obama who wins, assuredly, there will be an assessment of culture and candid voyeurism into his life and/or lifestyle for every movement and decision he makes.  If John McCain wins, it will be business as usual.  Because the only thing we have ever done prior to this election is sit and wait to see which white man would be brought into the “White” House and then go on with our days run by the “lesser of two evils.” 

But now, we have a serious step to make in “changing” America.  Once the elections conclude, the gloves will come off and we will no longer be lead by the cathartic weigh-in of emotion and logical reasoning that brought Obama into office.  No, his every movement will be assessed and/or based on cultural distinctions.

Spike Lee gave an awesome example of this human condition I’m describing.  How we are able to objectify lives and see people as what they do and not who they are.  The scene comes from “Do The Right Thing” where the classic discussion occurs between Spike Lee’s character Mookie and John Turturro’s character Pino, over the jukebox in Sal’s Pizzeria.   You may remember it.

Are we at a place in society where Obama may win the Presidency completely embraced for all that he brings to office?  Is the U.S. really seeing beyond all racial barriers and historic travesties committed against people of his ancestry?  Or if he makes one wrong move or trips will we be facing an all out race riot?  If the true conversation on racism is not had and the people healed, we will find ourselves in a precarious position in the years to come.  The United States with Obama at the helm will be similar to a gastric bypass patient who  wants the easy fix to their weight gain.  We will be able to look like we’ve handled the problem, by electing Obama, but as soon as we’re faced with a problem, we will begin to blow up.  Check out what happens after Mookie and Pino try to have this discussion calmly and intelligently.  Let’s pray we won’t find our way back here:

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Is Prejudice Out If Obama Is In?”

  1. I have often wondered throughout this historical election campaign, how much more does Obama have to do to “prove” himself? He has had to defend his patriotism, his faith, his experience, and his race more than any other candidates. Furthermore, he’s had to temper his presentation to make “everyone” feel comfortable and in such a way that he doesn’t look like an angry black man. If he loses the election it will only refute that All Men Are Created Equal, but if he wins this election, it will show how far we’ve really come, although we still have a ways to go….

  2. That’s a good example. Having read this article post election night, the same could be true now. There is a sense that something drastic has happened, but if we talk about it the bubble that has encapsulated us will burst.

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