Obama and McCain Finally Battle

We’ve directed you to the Rocky vs. Mr. T version of Obama and McCain’s campaign, but now let us bring you to their final face off.  The candidates have called a “battle” as their last hurdle to jump to show the American voters who really is ready to rule in the White House.  Also, don’t be surprised if McCain brings in a “ringer” to help him out.  Now we must warn you that what you are about to see may cause some form of incontinence.  If you must, run to the bathroom before you see the candidates get it on.  Proceed with caution:

One thought on “Obama and McCain Finally Battle”

  1. This was the besst ! thanks for putting it on the site
    I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Obama looked like a real hoodie and I don’t care what you do Mccain appeaars as though he has 1 foot in the grave and Sarah Palin you know she’s just one from the Alaskan hood anyway!

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