Gun Kills Child Under Adult Supervision


A dramatic event happened in Massachusetts this weekend when an 8-year old was at a gun show with his father and took a round to the head from an Uzi.  The boy’s father was supporting him from behind, but the boy lost control of the weapon.  This was a  totally preventable incident and may be the reason why authorities are still investigating the incident.  An instructor was present and didn’t realize that the little boy might be holding a weapon that was too powerful for him?  Read the full details here.

One thought on “Gun Kills Child Under Adult Supervision”

  1. Parents don’t be so afraid of the bad guys that you end up hurting your own children Guns arre not good for children under the age of 12 or 13 for the simple fact that who the hell is gonna leave an 8 yr old with a gun alone in the house or anywhere to protect the family. Lord have mercy please give the wisdom to those people who allow guns around there children the value of life first ! What who was an 8 year old going to shoot with an oozie, thats something for the government to use in war. For the parents of this child my condolences, however I hope they use his death as a venue to promote laws about this type of fire arm, and let other parents know no matter how well versed the parent or the instructor or even the child is in gun handling accidents happen and isn’ t your child more precious than denying him the thrill of shooting a weapon designed for WAR! Come on Parents !!!!
    this one kind of PISSEd me off. again my condolences to the family

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