Assassination Plot For Obama Thwarted


 So it begins.  With all the hundreds of millions raised by Obama during his campaign, some of that had to go into protection.  We are not under any false notions that his life hasn’t been under extreme threat since he became the Democratic Presidential candidate.  But now evidence of an assassination plot has been found and thwarted.  Two skinheads in Tennessee thought they’d dress up in white tuxedos and top hats and just do an all or nothing ride by on Obama.  Sound well thought out?  Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. 

 And if we must travel down the road of “stupid racist stuff” further, they planned to kill 88 black people in a local and nationwide killing spree. What’s really dumb about these two is that they are probably taking a page out of a black man’s book (the D.C. sniper) in putting together their anything but masterful plan.  Now that the ATF has them in custody, Pinky and the Brain-less won’t be working on any other major plans…well, other than not dropping the soap.  Get all the details on Dumb and Dumber here.

J.C. Brooks

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