Wal-Mart Wants Obama Out!


Wal-mart is running scared because they believe in Obama.  They believe he will be in office and the prosperity the company has realized will be a distant memory almost instantly.  Why are they scared you ask?  Well, Obama is pro-union and Wal-mart is anti-union.  Obama has been behind a piece of legislation called Employee Free Choice Act that according to the Wall Street Journal would allow all companies to unionize easier and much more rapidly, more than quadrupling its membership.  The report also states that a little over a decade ago, Wal-Mart gave nearly all of it’s political funds to the Republicans.  Now, they have nearly split it down the middle.  Opportunists you say?  You would be right.  It only makes sense to give the money to the party who controls the government and will ultimately decide your business’ fate.  The report opens up a lot of other scathing details of the company’s history as it pertains to the fight against unionizing the one-stop shopping behemoth.  It chronicles stories of wrongful terminations, store closings and a host of treachery “Wal-marters” may not be aware of.  Read here to see who really stands behind the curtain at America’s largest private company.

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