McCain Supporter Blaims Black Man for Beating


Yet another desperate effort from the McCain camp to get into the White House has been thwarted by police.  The young demented woman had been beaten up at an ATM by a big black man who took her money for his girl scout cookies and forced her to fill out an absentee ballot to vote for Obama early.   And in case she would ever forget this night, he carved a backward “B” for Barack into her face.  Maybe, in addition to her vote, he figured she could walk around with her allegiance to Obama on her face.  Sound ridiculous?  So does her story.  For some strange reason, with all the trickery going on in the Republican camp, this reminds me of the people who are hired to fake an ailment and walk or roll up to the preacher to be healed.  Then you catch them behind the church with their hand out collecting their fee.

Remember the black man, James T. Harris, that just happened to be at the front stage in the rally for McCain and was handed a mic to plead with the senator to “stick it to [Obama].”  He was kinda believable right?  What about the elderly white woman, visibly frazzled, who was also handed a mic at a rally to call Obama an “arab.”  Are they supporters or political players in McCain’s party?

Those of you on “medication”, read this and be inspired never to miss a dose.

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