Palin Is A Liability On Ticket to White House


Palin, Palin, Palin.  What can we say that hasn’t already been expressed in the SNL sketches?  Today, the media just decided that Palin may be a dunce…oops! I mean, she might be dispensable to the Republican campaign.  Some of them are just upset that the Republican party paid $150,000 for her to be suitable for public consumption.  Her makeover included make-up and clothes that they maintain will be given to charity.  How messed up was this chick before this campaign?  I know she sounds like a member of the Clampett family, but she must’ve really been doing a great Elly May impression when John McCain came a knocking.

And what type of checks and balances do we have in place in our society to ensure those clothes get donated?  We should put together a gang of single mothers that need those suits for work and/or interviews and demand they be distributed through Salvation Army or Goodwill.  Those GOP’s are a tricky bunch.  We have to do our part to keep them honest right?  They need our help with wrapping up the campaign on November 5.

Read here to see how the party seems to be turning on Palin. 

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