Medications Make Us Sick


Have you been watching the latest drug commercial for, um…let’s say erectile dysfunction and after the big build up about the drug the next 20 seconds of the ad sound something like: 

“This drug is very effective when you’re not having sex and not interested in immediate arousal.  It has been known to cause heart attacks and migraines in those under 60.  If you have a physician, are on any medications, prone to breathing, indigestion, can sit down or stand up, able to walk more than 2 feet, can whistle, jump on one foot and/or lift your head, consult a physician about your eligibility for this drug.”

 Well, it appears that a watchdog group has finally confirmed what we have already known for years…these new drugs on the market are nothing more than experimental.  They are fantasies in a bottle that are tagged with these ads to cover their asses.   Read here to see the status of the drug industry.



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