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One of the biggest changes in the 21st century is the advancement of information technology.  The use of the Internet has been both a blessing and a curse to society.  In the wrong hands, too much information and/or exposure can be quite lethal.  But in the right hands, attorneys, doctors, presidents, and graduates are being made everyday.  The computer age is here in full force and has gotten a major upgrade by a company that has implemented sort of a “green” way of extending an education to our children that might not have been possible otherwise.

In Highland Park, Michigan–in the center of Detroit–Highland Park Career Academy is host to 1400, 16-19 year old students that are benefiting from a company that has innovated computer reliability.   QWK2LRN has developed a machine that has nearly 100% dependability.  Uri House, a Computer Developer and Specialist who collaborates with the company says that they have built these super computers by an “eclectic use of technology.”  He notes that the students stellar performance can be attributed to consistent computer use.  The students who are using academic software packages to learn english and math are excelling in their studies. 

“The uptime on the machines is the key.  They are virus free, incredibly fast.”  According to House, they use a “fast reliable server to create a thin client like environment.”  Read more about this wave of the future and get excited about your child’s future all over again.

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