Reality Is No “Independence Day”


 Back in the late 50’s, there seemed to be some strange things appearing in the not-so friendly skies.  The U.S. military called on its own “Ghostbusters” and went after something that, from one soldier’s account, flew at 7,600 mph, over Britain.  The significance of that speed is that we, in 2008, still have nothing in military or otherwise that flies that fast.  Our fastest plane in the U.S. military flies at Mach 10, which is just some fancy schmancy military jargon that means it flies at nearly 7,000 mph.  We’ve heard similar controversy about Roswell, NM just a decade prior to the incident in Britain.  Well now the cat’s out the bag and classified information involving the unknown is being made public in London.  Read all about the real Star Trek here.

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