Rats Descend on Olympia


 Are there houses being built near you?  Have they destroyed a forest to make it happen?  Even in the inner city, some whole blocks are being torn down and rebuilt to make way for new development.  But, we should be leery of what the promise of rebuilding offers.  No one thinks about the “displaced.”  Yeah, that’s right!  THE WILDLIFE!  They are coming to visit a lot of us.  It used to be an immense undertaking when a rat would get in someone’s house.  You’d have to enlist a host of family members, neighbors, sometimes pest control to help get rid of it.  But in Olympia, Washington, residents are battling rats by the droves.  They have found themselves doubling up on rat traps and baits.  Where’s that Pied Piper when you need him?  And we don’t mean R. Kelly.  Check out the rat chronicles here.

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