Wal-Mart and Giant Bottle Dirty Water


We’ve been hearing about contaminated bottled water for some time.  Some of the bottled water distributors were putting tap water in bottles and selling it.  Now Wal-Mart and Giant have been caught selling water that does not meet certain standards.  The Wal-Mart brand is Sam’s Choice and the Giant brand is Acadia.  Both have levels of chlorine that far exceed the regulatory standards.  These levels of chlorine byproducts have been known to cause birth defects.  Read here to see if Wal-Mart and Giant will make it out of court over this one. 

2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart and Giant Bottle Dirty Water”

  1. Filter your water, get filtration systems for your home. The costs may be substantial up front but it’ll pay for itself. Compare the costs of bottled water (over the course of 1 year) and the costs to our envirnment, and you’ll see that filtering your water is much more reasonable. Oh yeah, buy a thermos to carry your own water. I could never understand, how water can be bottled and sold. We will buy anything!!! ‘nuf said!

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